3D Modular Kitchen! Decorative, Designer, Divine

We were too excited to write our first blog, but could not think of where to start from. Our hearts led us to the most special place of entire home, can you guess? Yeah! You are right, it’s Kitchen! A kitchen is a place that controls your moods. Boredom is not allowed in the kitchen. Good home food and good mood keeps us going, right?

Modular kitchens are trending and are almost everyone’s choice today. So we thought why not share with you some creative ideas and applications that will give your modular kitchen a 3D touch. Your kitchen is an expression of your personality as well, and here you can bring it out in open. Are you ready?


When we were looking for some interesting idea which can be useful and in a budget idea that one can apply in the kitchen, we found kitchen chalkboard. Kitchen chalkboards can be very useful when it comes to the listing of grocery items, menu to be prepared, notes for someone, or simply for some creative art made using love. It will also add a unique element to your kitchen. And the best part is you can make your own chalkboards. Isn’t that sounds fun! Let’s see how?

Wall chalkboard requires just suitable blank wall, sandpaper for smoothening, primer, chalkboard paint and paint brush or rollers of course! Clean the wall, smoothen it if required using sandpaper, apply primer base, and finally the brush up the chalkboard paint. If you lack the space and couldn’t decide where you can create your chalkboard. Then look a bit here and there into your kitchen appliances. Yes, appliances! How about a refrigerator, oven, some cabinet door? Same can be done with them too…

Another way of adding chalkboard into your kitchen is simply by using wooden framed chalkboards. Ready-made wooden frame can be purchased or it can be easily made. Here you need a hardboard sheet and rest all as same as above list. The hardboard sheet is painted with primer and then by the few layers of chalkboard paint. This is then is placed in between the frames and it good to go!


The modern kitchen techniques and ideas solve our major space-related problems of the kitchen, making it well organized and your perfect dream kitchen. One of the concern is the proper and innovative use of small, narrow, or wasted kitchen areas. We will now present some ideas which very productively resolve this concern. After going through Saviesa some great ideas stroked us.

Tall Wall Units – A fabulous idea that can optimize our kitchen to classy, stylish and beautiful one for a small and narrow space in our kitchen is creating tall wall units as storage cabinets.

Upper Wall Units – The upper area in the kitchen can be converted to very smooth and easily accessed wall units. These wall units add glamour to the kitchen with their beautiful designs with great care and comfort features.

Magic Area/Corner Area – And yet! here comes my favourite part, “Magic Corner” which is the most neglected or very clumsy part of the kitchen. I am amazed to see the magnificent use of the not very easy to use the corner area.

Disclaimer: The images and headings used within the “ACCESSORIZE YOUR KITCHEN” section are taken from Saviesa. The description is written by us, going by what we felt at this point of time upon guessing what Saviesa may be thinking.

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Lack of cabinet space, but needs more storage option? Yes, we have a solution for it as well. Those open or blank space in your kitchen can be converted into open shelves for storage. Open shelves are trending and add a classy touch to the kitchen too. The shelves can be made up of waterproof, easy to clean wooden planks. They can be made in different shapes, colours with crafting and some unique touch.


Seeing a decorative kitchen can change the mood just like magic.

We all have the beautifully designed saucer plates or dining plates. These plates can be used in any spare wall in the dining area. They can be easily hanged up on the wall by nailing it using hooks. Another way is the use of hangers. They can be glued up too. The plates can be arranged in any symmetric design which you desire and according to space. We are sure you are ready to add some drama to the kitchen area.